Building the Story with Something New, Different and Exciting

An Editorial by Joe Viglione
9:40 pm 2-19-19

Building the Story!

     Twitter is how I help you build the story in 2019.

     Twitter - when understood - is the launching pad to helping you achieve your goals.

It is how to promote your song and upcoming gigs hourly with pertinent hashtags that get your links into areas where you will get page views.

Having the press release, pitching to radio, having your social media and downloads available, all essential in the creation of a foundation for the launch

I've been working with Joe Black from Balloon spanning 40 years.  We are marketing one song,
"Armageddon," from his Blackenstein CD.  Look at how neatly Joe Black has listed his social media here:

and how Joe Black, Phil DaRosa and Mike Moore's Fire in the Field have their social media posted on Pete Devine's Rock News and Views site:

Having such a launching pad shows preparation.  And with your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you can blast out those other social media sites to the world.  The Key is to have a plan to work those sites so that ONE SONG and ONE VIDEO can have the chance to "go viral."

I have kept my pricing low since the 1980s and have helped over a thousand major and independent artists get the word out to promote gigs, get interviews on radio and TV, and in the case of classic rock stars - worked directly with the major labels and, in many cases, signed the act to the label) Bobby Hebb (Sunny on Universal Music,) Randy California (Spirit's Time Circle on Epic/Sony,) Marty Balin's Better Generation (GWE Records, CD Review Magazine,) Marty Balin's first solo documentary (Music Video Distributors, Produced and Directed by Joe Viglione,) Johnny Thunders on New Rose/Musidisc (As A & R I signed Johnny to the label, the biggest selling record of the year for New Rose,) Willie "Loco" Alexander to Bomp in America and New Rose/RCA in Europe, Tesla's remake of "Signs" on Geffen (working directly with the Geffen Rep who also worked with me on Alvin Lee's Real Life Blues,) the Buddy Guy project (1986/1987) with Rolling Stones' producer Jimmy Miller, represented by my office for many, many years.

In 2019 I am still working on music daily, since 1976, forty-three years of contacting radio, press and retail - and now the internet - for my artists.

Let's work together to "build a story" and seek a viral marketing campaign that can help you achieve your goals.

I am here to help you focus in on the goals that matter: finding ways to potentially increase revenue from your social media sites.   I have recovered monies for artists who could not get properly paid from publishers and performance rights organizations without my assistance.

Joe Viglione
617 899 5926
demodeal {@}  
Creator of:  The Demo That Got The Deal tm  radio show
How Major Artists obtained Major Record and Publishing deals  

When you have a unique story to tell it can launch a song to the universe

The song has always been the "business card" of major rock acts, Mott The Hoople performing Bowie's "All The Young Dudes" brought the band back from the brink of disbanding, "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and "Conquistador" gave Procol Harum decades of success, and locally when Didi Stewart and Girls Night Out had "Matter of Time" on local radio, there was a bidding war by local talent agencies resulting in the Girls and Didi having over $100,000.00 in bookings guaranteed over a year - Joe Viglione was one of the publicists working their record and helping put the band into Faces in Cambridge and The Paradise in Boston.
In 2019 it takes One Song to go viral!

"One Pound Fish" got a man from Pakistan out of the English fish market and into the music business.  

One Pound Fish Man - Wikipedia

Muhammad Shahid Nazir also known as the One Pound Fish Man is a Pakistani trader and ... He soon composed the song "One Pound Fish":

Nazir was interviewed in “Living the Meme” --- "a series of articles which explores what happens to people after they go viral. Check out the rest in the series here."

GOING VIRAL, or the Blair Witch Project attitude:

Joe V. feels blessed with the great music he has worked over the years, from Alvin Lee's superb "Real Life Blues" featuring Beatle George Harrison on guitar, to Rolling Stone Mick Taylor's Stranger in Town, "Signs" by Tesla on Geffen Records, Evangeline on MCA Records, the legendary Bobby Hebb and his "Sunny" on Universal Music (Joe V is the producer of the Bobby Hebb Boxed Set and now considered the #1 expert in the world on the music of Mr. Hebb )

Fantastic Music Needs an Organized Plan
We launched Alvin Lee's "Real Life Blues" in 1992, and the late Alvin Lee personally told me it was "the best stop on the promotional tour" of the entire country.  I knew that as we had chart action on Billboard magazine's Boston Globe regional list, but it was terrific to hear it from an artist I had admired since I was a teenager.

In 1992 we had an organic plan to market Alvin Lee.

By 1999  The Blair Witch Project marketing  went viral, and it is key in this discussion:

The low-budget flick has transpired to be the fifth highest-earning independent film of all time, but in lieu of the finances for Hollywood-style special effects and a mammoth marketing strategy, the directors instead relied on viral marketing (in the 1999 sense) to propagate the myth that the story told in the movie was actually real and that the film was a documentary.
At the heart of this was a dedicated website created by the movie's distributors at Artisan Entertainment. The site helped plant the seed that urban legend of an evil witch camping out in the woods in rural Maryland was actually true long before the film's release. Dedicated pages offered up a timeline of the "major events," in the history of the Blair Witch, background on the supposedly missing students (Heather, Michael and Josh) and interviews with the victim's 'families' lamenting their untimely disappearance.
Article 2 is correct, the movie was just plain terrible in my opinion.  Think about what we can do with great music or a book that can entertain people perpetually with the right marketing:
Although the movie itself may not have turned out as great as all the hype, the Blair Witch Project is considered by some (myself included) as the greatest marketing campaign ever. And even those who might not be willing to give it that high of an honor, at minimum, consider it the ultimate viral marketing campaign and one that was a trailblazer in utilizing the online space.

At 22 years of age, I launched my publicity company, 43 years ago!
     I started promoting music in early 1976 with my first e.p., which I played for Iggy Pop at the Springfield Marriott while the record was at the pressing plant.  Iggy introduced me to David Bowie which kind of put a blessing on the emerging disc.   The first 4 songs got me into a Battle of the Bands in Providence, R.I., into Playboy Magazine as one of Boston's 5 best bands, a record deal with Flamingo Records, distributed by the "major indie," Carrere Records leading me to the position of
A & R for New Rose Records/France where I signed Willie Loco Alexander to New Rose/RCA, Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls to New Rose/Musidisc (actually, a bigger name in France than RCA when it came to recordings!,) and released four of my own albums.  The Thunders disc introduced me to Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller and with Miller/Viglione Productions we co-produced Buddy Guy in 1986-1987 featuring Genya Ravan, Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Nils Lofgren of Bruce Springsteen's band.  I produced Nils in Boston February 19, 1987.

Building the Story!

      On February 19, 1987, thirty-two years ago, I was producing Nils Lofgren on the Buddy Guy project.   After the session we drove Nils to Rhode Island for his next show in Ed Derkazarian's limo.  I got to talk to Nils about his work with Lou Reed when Bob Ezrin produced a Lofgren l.p.

*  *  *  *  *

       Bob at Garnick's Records in Lowell today told me that he is selling blues records, and jazz records, and talking to the vinyl dealers you get a sense of what the people on the street are purchasing, beyond the easy world of downloading that record labels love so much.

Joe Viglione Media Represents Book Authors and Musicians



3D Boston Classic  "A Bit Like You" on Boston Rock & Roll Anthology 8

3D Boston Classic "Everything But Peace"




Alvin Lee of Ten Years After with
George Harrison and Deep Purple's Jon Lord
Zoom 'Real Life Blues' promoted in 1992 by     Joe Viglione

Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman, Willie Loco Alexanxer

Joe Promoted Rolling Stone Mick Taylor at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston for the release of Stranger In Town
                    Joe Viglione with Mick Taylor on Visual Radio television program

Joe Viglione
P.O. Box 2392
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tel 617 899 5926

Joe Viglione has promoted to radio and other media since 1976 handling music from Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones/Bob Dylan guitarist,) Alvin Lee of Ten Years After (with George Harrison and Deep Purple's Jon Lord,) Rusty Kershaw with Neil Young, Spirit (famous for "I Got A Line on You" and "Nature's Way,") Spanky and Our Gang, Bobby "Sunny" Hebb, Ian Lloyd of Stories ("Brother Louie", ) The Dream (Extreme,) Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground, Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane and hundreds of other artists including punk legends Unnatural Axe and Phobia.  

Offering Music Services and Consulting, Joe Viglione helps guide artists in the creation of an evolving strategy / game-plan designed to navigate Twitter and get your gigs, downloads of songs and albums as well as your branding in shape and ready for prime time. 

Joe is currently publicist for  the Original N.E. Compact Disc and Vinyl Expo as well as Australia's Audioscam, Elsewhere, Jeffland, Ditto featuring Gary Santarella and other local and international artists.



 March 2019 in Club Bohemia
Thanks to Charlie Hagopian for the poster


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